In the TEA clan we have different roles that are held by our own members. These are small roles that makes organising the clan easier, and involves the community in clan managment.


Cruiser/Battleship/Destroyer/Carrier Senior Consultant

Currently holding the role: Dewam/Arx/ItachiZero/Dewam

We have new players joining in, or players willing to improve their playing level in general. The people chosen for this post are going to serve as advisors – both to the seamen, and to the admiralty in organising trainings focused on handling of a specific class. So, if you think you don’t feel well in a certain ship by yourself – fear not – now you’ll know whom to turn to first.

Treasure Secretary

Currently holding the role: NeoFenix

We have the new clan system going since quite some time. So far I’ve been keeping record of the amount of oil we have, but it doesn’t neceseraily have to be me. Maybe someone just likes statistics and is happy enough to present forecasts until a certain amount is gathered and so on. Either way it’s an important post. A bit like an accountant, just for a ship-sailing clan.

Propaganda Minister

Currently holding the role: SimplySai

To make us shine brighter. This is not how it looks like! Except it is. We want our clan to look nice, have neat logos, forum signatures, create a presence full of class end esteem. Sounds good? Sure it does! Apply and decide what kind of designs do we need. You can request them, choose the best one amongst contestants, or even make them yourself. Just don’t make public speeches. Please, don’t.

Task Force Commander

Currently holding the role: Qreczek and Amnoxx

The task of this role is simple – sometimes you’ll be given a chance to command a fleet in trainings. Either because of some admirals’ absence, or because of those ones present being lazy. It also may happen that in serious battles a flanking force needs someone to coordinate that small group of ships. That’s where you step in.

Staff Officer

Currently holding the role: Bezaliel

Who is that – you may ask. Rightfully so, because this role is going to be the most situational. Sometimes the admiralty organises events (such as the Tea Cup, special trainings, you name it). The job of that person is going to be assistance in preparations. This is for now the only role that will be held by more than 1 person, for the 1st month we think about 2, but that may change in the future. So if you find yourself willing to increase the level of excellence in whatever idea we’ll have for making this community more fun – apply.


Currently holding the role: Dimitri_Petrenko

We have a lot of ships in our harbours. Too many to remember by heart probably. The duties of this officer are going to be keeping track of the ships that clan members have and making a summary every two weeks. How precisely we advise do do this will be explained later, in a set of additional rules concerning the roles. This only seems hard at the beginning to be honest. Later on it shouldn’t be too much of a burden.


Admiralty roles

 Combined Fleet Commander – main clan commander in CW

Currently holding the role: Arx

 Human Resources Coordinator – supreme supervisor of the recruitment

Currently holding the role: Dewam

 Foreign Representative – a person with an authority to fix or dissolve alliances

Currently holding the role: Dewam

 Infrastructure Manager – someone keeping an eye on the channels, because their arrangement still needs some fine-tuning

Currently holding the role: Arx



Additional rules (Warning! Your tea might get cold while reading!)


 Admirals pick their roles among themselves. (Admirals’ roles are the ones presented yesterday)
 An appointment for a standard role is one month long.
 Obstruction of work of any special-task officer by other people is going to be punished.
 Entries for the roles for a new term are gathered between the 1st and the 5th day of a month.
 If there are multiple people running for the same post, clan members may vote for them between 6th and 10th day of the month.
 An appointed member serves at his office from 12th day of the month in which election took place, until 11th next month.
 Admirals may veto a choice, if at least 70% of admiralty agrees upon it.
 In case of a draw, the admirals pick the person amongst the ones with the highest amount of votes.
 In case of a single person running, 2 admirals are enough to approve for a term.
 If nobody is elected for a post, one of the admirals takes the role for a single term.
 Admirals may kick a person form the clan for role abuse, if all of them agree upon it.
 An officer may resign from a role.
 In case of a vacant role emerging, one of the admirals assumes the post until the term runs out.
 A quartermaster takes his info from a special channel.
 A clan member who does not post an update for the quartermaster at least once per month (blank update counts as posting), is sent a warning, on which he has to respond in 14 days, or is expelled from an in-game clan, unless he gave an advanced warning about this duty being impossible by whatever means of providing such an info.
 Staff officers are bound to keep events’ preparations confidential, accordingly to a case status.
 There can be at most 2 Task Force Commanders
 There can be an unlimited number of people appointed as Staff Officers
 Other posts are taken by 1 person only.
 The number of multi-officer roles for the next month is announced before 28th day of a preceding month. If it is not, it is assumed it remains unchanged.
 Any person can be elected for the same post an unlimited amount of times.