The community aspect of our clan has always been an essential part. Our community is relaxed. There are no restrictions or big requirments. You play when you have the time. The only thing you have to do, is to report each month, in a special channel, that you are alive, and not dead. Despite this very open, and non-binding policy, our community is very active. There is always someone to play with, at all times.


We use Discord as our tool of communication. There are text channels for pretty much everything you will ever need. The voice channels include relaxed meeting points, war rooms and divison channels. We are allied with the clans FoF, TSUN, AKI and PRAVDA, which means that the community is even bigger than just our own members. As of 5th Desember 2017 there are 81 members of our Discord server. Most of them are active at a regular basis.


We often play clan battles and have trainings. We meet up between 19.00 CET and 20.00 CET to play clan battles. We are more or less serious in that respect. We definetly play to win, and we take our team and effort very seriously. There is no kidding around, but we still have tons of fun! Check out our Discord at the link on the main page!


We hope to see you on our Discord!