Applying to Kongous Tea Time is fairly simple. You start off by contacting one of the recruiters on Discord:

  • Dewam#5317 (Admiral and Recruit Officer)

The Recruit Officer will then give you an invite to our server (if you don’t have one yet), where you will get the role “Undergoing Sea Trials”. In order to become a Seaman (a member with full access) you have to go through the “Sea Trials”. This is a series of games with a recruiter, where we will decide if you fulfill the requirments. The Sea Trials are mainly there to block out trolls, and ensure that you have the english skills required to run a normal conversation. This does not mean that you need a fancy accent, just a basic vocabulary. Once you have passed the Sea Trials you will get added to the in-game clan, and get the “Seaman” role that ensures you access to all the channels.


Good luck, and fair seas!